Planning and Building Control

Fossil fuel heating system ban

Heating our buildings is a significant contributor to the Island’s greenhouse gas emissions. To begin the journey to address this, from 1 January 2025 it will be illegal to install a fossil fuel heating system into a new building, irrespective of whether Building Control approval has been granted.

If we are to reach net-zero by 2050 it will be vital for us to decarbonise our buildings. New homes and buildings will lead the way in this transition. To find out more about the heating system ban please visit the NetZero website.

The Climate Change Plan 2022-2027 contains an action to bring forward the ban on fossil fuel heating systems in new builds from Jan 2025 to 2024, an action that will support the reduction of emission targets over the next five years and beyond. 

To transition towards the ban on fossil fuel boilers it is proposed to refuse Building Control approval on applications for new buildings containing a fossil fuel heating system from 1 January 2024.


Planning approval is required in order to legally carry out 'development'. Development can be physical building works or a change in the use of land or a building.

Building Control

The Building Control function regulates the construction processes involved in the erection of a building, highlighting the elements of how a building is put together and in particular ensuring that the building has a safe structure.

Built Environment Reform Programme

The Built Environment Reform Programme is a two year programme of work set out to develop commitments in the Island Plan to build great communities.