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Youth and community activities

There are many activities, events and facilities across the Island serving young people as well as all community members.

Local Authorities

The Island’s Local Authorities provide a range of youth and community activities for young people, such as BMX tracks, skate parks, football pitches etc.

Some of the Local Authorities provide details on their websites of the facilities they have in their local areas.

Please contact the Local Authorities directly for information on leisure activities in the local areas not listed, and for any details they may have about clubs which are run by other groups in the area.

Swimming pools and sports centre

Swimming Pool facilities are also provided by Local Authorities in the North, West, and South of the Island.

The National Sports Centre in the East of the Island (run by the Department of Community, Culture and Leisure), provides swimming facilities, in addition to a gym, squash court, and athletics track etc:

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