The Dog Walking Code

The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture strives to maximise the public's enjoyment of the countryside through encouragement of recreational use of its estate. This is balanced with the need to protect the fabric of the countryside and acknowledge its roles as a workplace, a valuable conservation resource and a national asset.

Dog owners are welcome and encouraged to use the majority of the Department's glens, plantations and lands. However, dog owners must be aware of the dangers of allowing their dogs off the lead. Other users can find boisterous dogs intimidating and there are also particular risks of allowing dogs off the lead on hill land and near farmland. Any dog, regardless of breed, size or temperament is capable of causing considerable injury to livestock, in particular to ewes and lambs. In addition, disturbance to nesting wildlife can severely upset the success of the breeding season. This is likely to be a threat to ground-nesting birds and in the spring and early summer months in particular.

Legal proceedings can be taken against persons who do not exercise adequate control of dogs and severe penalties can be imposed.

Please follow the Department's Dog Walking Code at all times:

  • Control your dog and keep it within your sight at all times. 
  • Please keep your dog to existing tracks and away from livestock, nesting birds and other wildlife. 
  • Please prevent your dog from fouling footpaths and around car parks. If it does foul, remove the waste.
  • If you cannot control your dog to heel, please keep it on a lead.
  • Please prevent excessive barking from your dog 
  • Please be considerate to other countryside visitors particularly children at play and picnickers.

The countryside is a great place for you and your dog to explore and enjoy. The Forestry, Amenity and Lands Division welcomes responsible dog owners and their dogs. For further information please contact:

Hills, Forests and Glens

Thie Slieau Whallian

Foxdale Road

St John's

Isle of Man


Telephone:+44 1624 695701

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