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Ballaugh to Laxey

The walk from Ballaugh on the north west coast to Laxey in the east measures a coastal distance of approximately 31 miles and passes through the coastal town of Ramsey.

Ballaugh Cronk WP1: SC 336 960
The Lhen WP2: NX 378 016
Blue Point WP3: NX 393 025
Rue Point WP4: NX 407 033
Ballaghennie WP5: NX 435 038
Point of Ayre WP6: NX 467 048
The Dog Mills WP7: SC 453 978
Port Lewaigue WP8: SC 470 930
Maughold Head WP9: SC 498 914
Port Cornaa WP10: SC 472 879
Dhoon Glen WP11: SC 454 864
Laxey Harbour WP12: SC 442 838

Waypoint markers

The waypoints supplied above are for information only and should not be used for navigation purposes without consulting the relevant maps.


The maps supplied (see downloadable documents) are intended as a visual guide only and not as a navigational aid. OS 25,000 Isle of Man official guide maps are also supplied as a downloadable file.

Marine wildlife

Sea birds

The Ayres coast supports nesting colonies of little and arctic tern on the beaches and mixed feeding flocks of terns and gannets offshore. Fulmar, cormorant, shag, kittiwake, guillemot, black guillemot, razorbill and puffin all breed at Maughold Head.


Seals use the rocks and beaches at Port Mooar and Maughold to rest, breed and give birth. They are more sensitive to disturbance between September and November during their breeding season, especially when they have young.

Basking sharks

Every summer, from May until September the Isle of Man is a hotspot for basking sharks. Keep a look out for basking sharks all around the Island. You may see their huge dorsal fin but they often swim just below the surface too. If one is visible, others may be close by.

Porpoises, dolphins and whales

Porpoises are often seen off the coast between Jurby and the Ayres. The animals are more sensitive to disturbance in the summer months when they have young. Risso’s dolphins and bottlenose dolphins are occasionally seen in Manx waters, sometimes in large groups.

Minke whales are spotted along the east coast in autumn and the west coast in summer. They grow up to 10m in length and occasionally jump clear of the water, so keep your distance. Other species of whales and dolphins are also seen around the Manx coast.

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