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Silverdale Glen

Silverdale and Colby Glen

South of Douglas, near the airport and next to the village of Ballasalla, lies Silverdale.

Most Manx residents and visitors will have fond memories of time spent at Silverdale which has provided attractions for all the family for generations. The current complex includes café, restaurant, shops and boating lake together with a children's playground including a unique and magnificent Victorian water powered roundabout and to the north, a large grassy paddock which allows space for games and picnicking.

The glen itself forms part of a series of walks following the Silverburn river. These river walks illustrate the importance of the water power of the Silverburn in times gone by, as they pass the weir and water courses of the Silverdale Cregg Mill. The mill pond is now the boating lake. Further downstream is the old Ochre and Umber Mill. This mill is now a private house but its dam is preserved in the lower section of Silverdale Glen. Yet further downstream is the 14th century Monk's Bridge and historic site of Rushen Abbey, open to the public as a Story of Mann presentation by Manx National Heritage.

Access is by car, bus or on foot from Ballasalla steam railway station. Much of the glen and complex has wheelchair access. For further information see the related link on this page.

The glen is managed by the Forestry Amenity and Lands Directorate of the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture.

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