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Lhergy Frissel

Ballaglass glen


Lhergy Frissel is located adjacent to Elfin Glen on the famous TT mountain course by the Ramsey Hairpin. It comprises a mixture of naturally regenerated hardwoods over an area of 6 hectares. The glen is divided into 2 parts by the TT course. A steep and winding path leads to the Albert Tower, a distinctive landmark overlooking Ramsey.

While Queen Victoria and her Consort Prince Albert, were cruising in the Irish Sea aboard the Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert in 1847, the yacht and accompanying squadron of naval vessels came to anchor in Ramsey Bay. This unplanned Royal visit famously caused some consternation in the town as messengers were quickly despatched to summon the Governor from Castletown and the Bishop from Kirk Michael. Prince Albert came ashore and walked through what is now the Lhergy Frissel to admire the view from the top of the hill followed by a crowd of fascinated locals. Whilst the Bishop managed to arrive in time to meet the Prince, the Governor arrived to see the Royal squadron steaming away. Subsequently the Albert Tower was constructed as monument to this brief yet historic occasion.

Access to Lhergy Frissel nowadays is by car or on foot from Ramsey.

The glen is managed by the Forestry Amenity and Lands Directorate of the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture.

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