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Laxey Glen

Dhoon and Laxey Glens

Between Douglas and Ramsey on the main A2 road lies the coastal village of Laxey. Within the village is the popular Laxey Glen with its rich variety of mature exotic trees. This glen with its children's play area and grass paddock, is much favoured by families.

In 1800 the Reverend William Fitzsimmons began a planting programme which continued for the next 60 years. Some of the larger trees you see today in the glen date from this period.

The pleasure ground for which the gardens were so well known came into existence when a Victorian businessman, Mr R Williamson, saw the potential of the then fledgling tourist industry and developed various attractions. The years between the wars saw the gardens at their height of popularity.

After the war the number of visitors declined dramatically and the glen was purchased in 1956 by the Forestry Mines and Lands Board. Over subsequent years the formal appearance of the glen has been changed to develop the more natural woodland environment enjoyed today.

Within the glen is the Pavillion Café and restaurant which offers refreshments and meals. The glen has easy wheelchair access and toilets facilities are available. Access is by car, electric tram or bus.

The glen is managed by the Forestry Amenity and Lands Directorate of the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture.

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