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Slieau Curn

Strenuous - muscle builder

Distance:  This is a walk of 12½ kilometres, about 7½ miles.

Time:  Approximately 3 hours.

It involves a steady climb out of Kirk Michael following a greenway road. The route then cuts across the open hill to join the boundary wall overlooking farmland. It follows this undulating boundary wall before rejoining the greenway road for the descent to Ballaugh. Following the TT course into Ballaugh, turn left immediately after the bridge. The final leg is a level walk along the old railway back to Kirk Michael.

The going is generally good but may be wet under foot following rain.

Participants should be generally fit and wear suitable outdoor footwear. The route is not waymarked on the ground, but a detailed map (1:25,000 scale) is available from our St John's office or can be downloaded from this page.

Eight figure grid references for WayPoints (WPs) are listed below for GPS users. The distance between WayPoints is shown after each description.

Parking is available both on and off road in Kirk Michael village.

  • From WP01 Follow the minor road uphill, continue through gate on greenway 3000 metres to
  • WP02 Turn left off stoned road onto unsurfaced greenway 560m to
  • WP03 Wooden rails, bear left WNW across open hill, with Snaefell directly behind you 310m to
  • WP04 Cross shallow gulley and continue NNW along the contour 200m to
  • WP05 Find path and follow 420m to
  • WP06 Follow top side of boundary wall 420m to
  • WP07 Lowest point on boundary, continue to follow wall 290m to
  • WP08 Highest point on boundary, continue to follow wall 350m to
  • WP09 Turn NE continue over open hill towards top corner of Slieau Curn plantation below 120m to
  • WP10 Rejoin greenway at cattle grid on boundary, follow greenway downhill 1920m to
  • WP11 Main road A3. Turn right, following TT course 540m to
  • WP12 Ballaugh Bridge. Turn left, past shop 130m to
  • WP13 Turn left, follow route of old railway 4140m to
  • WP14 Kirk Michael. Turn left and follow road 160m back to the start at WP01

10 metre grid references 

  • WP01 SC3190 9092 
  • WP02 SC3429 8965 
  • WP03 SC3427 9020 
  • WP04 SC3397 9029 
  • WP05 SC3391 9046 
  • WP06 SC3394 9087 
  • WP07 SC3415 9122 
  • WP08 SC3442 9121 
  • WP09 SC3450 9149 
  • WP10 SC3458 9159 
  • WP11 SC3426 9327 
  • WP12 SC3476 9343 
  • WP13 SC3469 9355 
  • WP14 SC3175 9098
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