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Ramsey Glens

Moderate - muscle stretcher

Distance:  This is a walk of 6 kilometres, about 4 miles.

Time:  Approximately 2½ hours.

From the centre of Ramsey, this pleasant walk passes through the residential suburbs into Claughbane Wood. Climbing through the wood (some steep sections), the route follows the path through the upper reaches of Elfin Glen into Lhergy Frissel. As the walker approaches Albert Tower, spectacular views open up over Ramsey and the northern plain. An easy descent leads through Lhergy Frissel, from top to bottom, crossing over the TT course down to the Ballure walk below. From Ballure walk the route leads along the beach (tide permitting) to Queen's Pier and then across the promenade. The final stretch runs through Market Square, past the shopping centre, back to the starting point.

The going is generally good. Participants should be generally fit and wear suitable outdoor footwear. The route is not waymarked on the ground, but a detailed map (1:10,000 scale) is available from our St John's office or can be downloaded from this page. Eight figure grid references for WayPoints (WPs) are listed below for GPS users. The distance between WayPoints is shown after each description. GPS reception may be variable under the trees.

Parking is available at the car park alongside the MER station WP01.

  • From WP01 Exit MER station, turn left along Albert Street to the bus station then follow Queen's Pier Road towards Parliament Square 400m to
  • WP02 Opposite filling station turn left and follow Brookfield Avenue then Claghbane Drive uphill 720m to
  • WP03 Side road, turn right into Claghbane Avenue and follow 90m to
  • WP04 Lane, enter and follow path past WP04 and bear left and continue uphill 400m to
  • WP05 Into Claughbane Wood, bear right and follow path 250m to
  • WP06 Turn sharp left and continue uphill 580m to
  • WP07 Entrance to Elfin Glen, follow upper path 850m to
  • WP08 Cross stream and continue on path, joining footpath 280m to
  • WP09 Gate, turn right onto open ground 50m to
  • WP10 Gate into Lhergy Frissel, turn right uphill, bearing left at WP10a follow path 40m to
  • WP11 Albert Tower. Retrace a short distance then follow choice of paths downhill approx. 560m to
  • WP12 TT course, cross with care and turn right, follow road uphill 400m to
  • WP13 Wooden steps into lower Lhergy Frissel, enter and follow path downhill 510m to
  • WP14 Railway crossing, cross Douglas coast road and follow towards Douglas 80m to
  • WP15 Entrance to Ballure Walk, cross over railway into glen and take lower path over river, follow downstream 300m to
  • WP16  Archway onto beach, turn left along beach 420m to
  • WP17 Queen's Pier, climb steps onto promenade and continue 450m to
  • WP18  Bear left at swimming pool, follow road past Market Square towards shops, turn left before police station 300m back to
  • WP01 MER station.

 10 metre grid references 

  • WP01 SC4517 9428  
  • WP02 SC4489 9440  
  • WP03 SC4472 9371  
  • WP04 SC4465 9370  
  • WP04a SC4452 9370 
  • WP05 SC4456 9343  
  • WP06 SC4433 9335  
  • WP07 SC4486 9328  
  • WP08 SC4484 9309  
  • WP09 SC4502 9333  
  • WP10 SC4507 9334  
  • WP10a SC4513 9327 
  • WP11 SC4528 9343  
  • WP12 SC4507 9350  
  • WP13 SC4545 9348  
  • WP14 SC4570 9347  
  • WP15 SC4575 9342  
  • WP16 SC4575 9342  
  • WP17 SC4561 9402  
  • WP18 SC4545 9442
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