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Ballaugh Mountain

Strenuous - muscle builder

Distance:  This is a walk of nearly 9 kilometres, about 5 miles.

Time:  Approximately 2½ hours.

It involves a steady climb through Ballaugh Plantation, crossing the Druidale Road onto Ballaugh Mountain. A relatively level walk around the plateau, before re-entering the plantation. It finishes with a descent by forest road returning to the start. The going is generally good but may be wet under foot following rain. Participants should be generally fit and wear suitable outdoor footwear.

The route is not waymarked on the ground, but a detailed map (1:15,000 scale) is available from our St John's office or can be downloaded from this page. Eight figure grid references for WayPoints (WPs) are listed below for GPS users. Note that GPS reception can be variable within the lower parts of the plantation. The distance between WayPoints is shown after each description.

Limited parking is available at the entrance to Ballaugh Plantation (SC352918)

  • From WP01 SC3523 9186 Enter plantation and follow forest road 165 metres to
  • WP02 SC3539 9185 Turn left over bridge (WP02a SC3543 9190) bear right and follow forest road past ponds on right 540m to
  • WP03 SC3579 9165 Straight on at junction, through disused quarry 400m to
  • WP04 SC3614 9153 Straight on at junction uphill 290m to
  • WP05 SC3638 9147 Turn left off forest road onto track (WP05a SC3643 9148) bear left and follow track uphill 310m to
  • WP06 SC3630 9168 Gate. Exit plantation and follow zigzag track 160m to
  • WP07 SC3625 9173 Druidale Road. Turn right and follow road 260m to
  • WP08 SC3648 9165 Stone track (no vehicular access) turn left and follow track 330m to
  • WP09 SC3638 9196 Straight on at junction, (path ill defined) 510m to
  • WP10 SC3650 9241 Turn right avoiding fenced off area ahead 350m to
  • WP11 SC3679 9260 Turn right some 30m before gateway and follow path parallel to hedge 530m to junction WP11a SC3686 9208. Continue straight ahead on an ill defined peaty track for 220m, heading roughly towards the summit of Snaefell, now in distant view, to
  • WP12 SC3695 9189 Above boggy area bear left towards sheep pens 430m to
  • WP13 SC3736 9179 Greenway Road. Turn right and follow road 900m to
  • WP14 SC3685 9108 Druidale road. Turn left and follow road 780m to
  • WP15 SC3641 9051 Greenway road. Turn right and follow road downhill 450m to
  • WP16 SC3607 9085 Ballaugh Plantation. Enter and follow greenway road downhill 760m to
  • WP17 SC3562 9143 Turn right off greenway road, follow forest road downhill 400m to
  • WP18 SC3997 9126 Widened junction, turn left downhill and follow forest road 440m to
  • WP19 SC3577 9164 Straight on at junction 440m to WP02 again then retrace 165m to WP01 (start point)

 10 metre grid references

  • WP01 SC3523 9186
  • WP02 SC3539 9185
  • WP02a SC3543 9190
  • WP03 SC3579 9165
  • WP04 SC3614 9153
  • WP05 SC3638 9147
  • WP05a SC3643 9148
  • WP06 SC3630 9168
  • WP07 SC3625 9173
  • WP08 SC3648 9165
  • WP09 SC3638 9196
  • WP10 SC3650 9241
  • WP11 SC3679 9260
  • WP11a SC3686 9208
  • WP12 SC3695 9189
  • WP13 SC3736 9179
  • WP14 SC3685 9108
  • WP15 SC3641 9051
  • WP16 SC3607 9085
  • WP17 SC3562 9143
  • WP18 SC3597 9126
  • WP19 SC3577 9164


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