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Easy - muscle loosener

Distance:  This is a walk of 4 kilometres, about 2½ miles.

Time:  Approximately 1 hour.

It involves a short walk alongside Ballaglass Glen before a gentle uphill stretch to join the A2 Ramsey to Laxey road. It then follows the main road down through The Corrany before climbing towards the village of Glen Mona. The route returns to Ballaglass Glen via a country lane with views over the valley.

This easy walk culminates with a stroll through a Manx National Glen.

The going is generally good but may be wet underfoot in places. Participants should be generally fit and wear suitable outdoor footwear.

The route is not waymarked on the ground, but a detailed map (1:10,000 scale) is available from our St John's office or can be downloaded from this page. Eight figure grid references for WayPoints (WPs) are listed below for GPS users. The distance between WayPoints is shown after each description. GPS reception may be variable under the trees.

Parking is available at Ballaglass Glen car park (SC466899, WP01)

  • From WP01  Enter glen over bridge and follow wide path 250 metres to
  • WP02 Public footpath, continue onwards 270m to
  • WP03 Railway tracks, cross over and continue on public footpath 460m to
  • WP04 Driveway, turn right and follow public footpath 150m to
  • WP05 A2 Ramsey to Laxey road, turn left and follow road downhill 660m to
  • WP06 Bottom of hill, continue round to left and uphill 340m to
  • WP07 Entrance on left. Cross bridge over railway and continue down meandering lane 900m to
  • WP08 Left turn directly downhill 200m to
  • WP09 Entrance to glen. Descend steps into glen and take your choice of path approximately 750m back to starting point WP01.

 10 metre grid references

  • WP01 SC4665 8993
  • WP02 SC4645 8980
  • WP03 SC4618 8983 
  • WP04 SC4580 9004 
  • WP05 SC4572 9016 
  • WP06 SC4533 8964
  • WP07 SC4541 8932
  • WP08 SC4617 8959
  • WP09 SC4614 8978

    Note: GPS reception may be variable under trees.

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