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Strenuous - muscle builder

Distance:  This is a walk of 4 kilometres, about 2½ miles.

Time: Approximately 1½ hours.

It involves a short walk through Laxey Glen gardens before a steep uphill climb through Axnfell Plantation. It then continues on the level to the picnic area where there are fine views over Glen Roy. From here it descends gradually back into the plantation where the descent steepens down to the river.

After crossing over the river the route continues with another steep climb up to the Baldhoon Road whereupon the return leg is a gradual downhill stroll on tarmac. The going is generally good but may be wet underfoot in places.

Participants should be generally fit and wear suitable outdoor footwear.

Please note that, although relatively short, this walk does involve quite steep slopes.

The route is not waymarked on the ground, but a detailed map (1:10,000 scale) is available from our St John's office or can be downloaded from this page. Eight figure grid references for WayPoints (WPs) are listed below for GPS users. The distance between WayPoints is shown after each description.

Ample parking is available at Laxey Glen Gardens (SC431844, WP01)

  • From WP01 Make your way down to lower path 250 metres to
  • WP02 Cross bridge by old boating lake, turn right following river upstream 400m to
  • WP03 Over stile, turn left and climb steep flight of steps 70m to
  • WP04 Top of steps, follow track up to the right 200m to
  • WP05 Junction, turn left and continue upwards 260m to
  • WP06 Inside of entrance gate, turn right and take your choice of paths approximately parallel to road 460m to
  • WP07 Picnic / viewing area. Continue through to path alongside entrance 190m to
  • WP08 Stone stile on your left, turn right and follow path down 110m to
  • WP09 Entrance to plantation, continue downhill following public footpath 460m to
  • WP10 Cross bridge over river and follow path directly uphill 480m to
  • WP11 Baldhoon Road, turn right and follow road downhill 1050m to
  • WP12 Narrow lane, turn right and follow lane downhill 180m back to starting point WP01.

 10 metre grid references

  • WP01 SC4313 8446
  • WP02 SC4308 8434
  • WP03 SC4272 8421
  • WP04 SC4272 8415
  • WP05 SC4255 8404
  • WP06 SC4278 8397
  • WP07 SC4239 8375
  • WP08 SC4229 8361
  • WP09 SC4223 8370
  • WP10 SC4219 8402
  • WP11 SC4205 8446
  • WP12 SC4308 8455

     Note: GPS reception may be variable under trees.

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