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Business supplies top-quality local angling opportunities and global exports

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

TroutlodgeThe Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture has paid a fact-finding visit to a business that supports the Island’s economy and is a large global exporter.

Geoffrey Boot MHK today visited fish production premises run by Troutlodge at Cornaa, Maughold, and Glen Wyllin, Kirk Michael.

Troutlodge operates the Government-owned Cornaa hatchery and, from it, supplies rainbow trout for anglers, releasing almost 20,000 rainbow trout into the Clypse, Kerrowdhoo, Ballure, Sulby, Cringle and West Baldwin reservoirs each year.

From its own premises at Glen Wyllin, which it has invested in heavily, the company ships rainbow trout eggs to more than 50 countries, producing up to 60 million eggs each spawning season.

Troutlodge Inc is owned by Hendrix-Genetics and is one of North America’s oldest aquaculture companies, having been in business for 75 years.

The Minister said:

‘In the Programme for Government, we pledge to utilise our outstanding landscape and environment to encourage leisure use, attract visitors and provide business opportunities.

‘The size and quality of fish provided by Troutlodge means there are excellent angling opportunities at our reservoirs. As well as local anglers, this attracts visitors to the Island, benefiting tourism.’

The Isle of Man is internationally recognised as an approved zone for freedom from many fish diseases for the purpose of the aquaculture trade.

This means eggs are certified to the high health levels required to compete successfully indemanding export markets.

‘Troutlodge utilises the Island’s internationally recognised high fish health status to export fish eggs to several continents,’

the Minister said.

‘In doing so, it supports local jobs and the local economy.

‘Troutlodge is a great example of a business that is utilising the Isle of Man’s favourable environment to successfully trade throughout the world.’

Follow link for information on freshwater fishing in the Island or to buy a licence online.

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