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Hobby crab and lobster potting

To recreationally pot fish for crab and lobster a person must hold a valid licence issued by the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture. 

An annual licence is available, valid until 30 June 2024. The fee is £12.

Catch returns must be completed and returned on an annual basis by licence holders. A catch return for the annual licence is available to download from this website, or telephone +44 1624 685857 or email to request the form.

Non-commercial fishing for crab and lobster is governed by Sea Fisheries (Licensing) (Recreational Crab and Lobster) Regulations 2022.

Applying and paying for a licence

An application for a recreational licence to fish for crab and lobster is available to download on this page. Once completed the application form should be returned, along with payment by cheque, to the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture’s Fisheries Division. Payment can also be made by card over the phone, or by card/cash if paying in person at our offices in St John’s.

Marine Nature Reserves

Marine Nature Reserves (MNRs) are a type of Marine Protected Area, an area of the sea protected from some damaging activities and impacts. These areas are subject to specific bye-laws. More information on the Manx Marine Nature Reserves.

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