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Access for disabled anglers

Specially designed wheelchair-accessible platforms are available for anglers at the Cringle and Injebreck (West Baldwin) reservoirs. The platforms, which incorporate recommendations of the British Disabled Angling Association, may be used by all licensed anglers, but priority should be given to those who need them most.

Please be aware there may be temporary accessibility restrictions due to low water levels or maintenance operations by Manx Utilities.

Those wishing to use the wheelchair-accessible platforms can obtain a key from Manx Utilities (telephone +44 1624 687687) in exchange for a small deposit. The key opens both the gate into the disabled users’ car park at Cringle Reservoir and the gate to the Injebreck platform access ramp. A small number of keys, for single day use only, are also available from DEFA headquarters in St John’s.

Cringle Reservoir (4.5 acres)

Cringle reservoir is situated about 5km northwest of Ballasalla, on the B39 Ronague Road. The wheelchair-accessible platform can be accessed via either a low gradient ramp or steps with hand-rails. It is near to the disabled users’ car parking area (key required). The platform lies within an area that is closed, for short periods, following stocking operations; only wheelchair users may fish from the platform during these closed periods. Water levels at Cringle Reservoir usually remain stable year-round.

Injebreck (West Baldwin) Reservoir (41.4 acres)

This reservoir is located about 5km north of Union Mills, in the West Baldwin valley. Parking is available along the roadside on the B22. The wheelchair-accessible platform is located north of the entrance to the public car park, adjacent to the road. The platform is accessed via a stile or a gate for which a key is required. Anglers should be aware that fishing from the platform may not be possible when water levels are very low.

Cost of a licence

The reservoir fishing season lasts from 10 March to 31 January. A full-price adult licence entitles holders to a bag limit of four trout per day (two per day from November to January). Day and week licences are also available.

Anglers that are registered as disabled, or aged 65 years or more, can buy a concessionary season licence, with a limit of two trout per day, at a reduced price (proof of eligibility is required). Concessionary licences are available at most Island Post Offices.

Licences may also be bought at the Welcome Centre at the Sea Terminal in Douglas:

  • Open Monday to Saturday 8am - 6pm Mon to Sat
  • Sunday (summer only) 9am - 2pm

or at the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture offices in St John’s during office hours.

More information on freshwater fishing, including the Isle of Man Angling Guide, regulations and a code of practice, can be downloaded on the Freshwater Fishing page.

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