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Freshwater fishing

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All freshwater anglers must hold an angling licence issued by the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture and must purchase a licence before they fish anywhere on the Island's inland waters. Licences are available for periods of a season, a week or a day (season only for coarse fish).

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You are making an application for a right to fish and as such whether or not the licence subsequently granted is used, the Department is precluded from providing refunds in the event of an error in application type or that the licence has not been used, for whatever reason. As such we recommend that you check the licence you are applying for and ensure that the licence you request is correct prior to proceeding and remitting payment.

The Inland Fisheries Regulations 2017 can be found on our Legislation, Policy and Enforcement page.

A Code of Conduct is available for anglers, giving advice and guidance on the regulations. Copies are available in the downloadable documents section of this page, or please contact the Fisheries Directorate using the details provided below.

To fish any of the specified 6 reservoirs for rainbow trout and trout, anglers must hold a Reservoir Licence or a Concessionary Reservoir Licence. The 6 reservoirs are:

  • Clypse
  • Kerrowdhoo
  • Cringle
  • Ballure
  • Sulby
  • West Baldwin

An Other Waters Licence is required for fishing any other inland water for salmon, migratory trout, trout, rainbow trout and eels, and a Coarse Fish Licence is required for fishing for coarse fish in any private or commercial coarse fishery or in Eairy Dam.

Eairy Dam and Block Eary are no longer classed as reservoirs and can be fished with an Other Waters Licence. Eairy Dam can be fished for coarse fish with a Coarse Fish Licence.

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