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Recreational Fishing

Freshwater angling

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Saltwater angling

There are many locations where saltwater angling can be enjoyed around the Island. Good pier fishing can be had at Douglas, Ramsey, Peel and Port St Mary. Shore fishing from the rocks and beaches is also popular, with tope and bass fishing from the beaches on the North West coast providing exceptional sport. Boat angling is popular and there are a number of charter vessels around the Island.

Although no licence is required for saltwater angling, please remember to observe the various minimum landing sizes. It is an offence to retain any salmon or sea-trout caught in the sea.

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Bass fishing

Within the Isle of Man's territorial waters (12nm) bass may be fished for and/or taken by recreational rod and line anglers only.

Anglers must abide by the following conditions:

General restrictions: Only one bass may be retained in any period of 24 hours. An angler may continue to fish after keeping a bass, but must not keep another one for the following 24 hours.

Size limits: A bass may be retained only if it is at least 50cm and no more than 60cm in length, as measured from the tip of the snout to the end of the tail.

Taking and killing of bass: Retained bass must be removed in a whole state (i.e. not gutted or otherwise mutilated) from the foreshore, jetty or recreational fishing vessel from which it was caught.

Handling bass: Bass must be handled carefully to ensure a high survival rate of released fish. Anglers are advised to carry forceps or long-nosed pliers to assist removal of hooks, and to support fish in the water until they are able to swim off.

Full copies of the Recreational Sea Fishing (BASS) Regulations 2016 are available below.

General License for bass fishing

Recreational Sea Fishing (Bass) Regulations 2016


You may fish (for recreation) for crab and lobster with up to 5 pots from either a pleasure craft or from the shore. A licence is required, an application form and catch return form are available to download from the hobby crab and lobster potting page

Sand Eels

In 2005, the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture introduced byelaws to prohibit all netting activity in a restricted zone consisting of the beaches from the north end of Peel Bay, round the Point of Ayre, to the northern side of Ramsey Harbour.

Netting is not permitted from the beach and to 750 metres seawards. The byelaws are in place for the protection of salmon and sea trout which gather round the coastline before entering Manx rivers to spawn. However, the byelaws do make provision for anglers to net for sand eels as bait at certain times of the year and in specific locations within the restricted zone. A licence is required, please contact the Fisheries Directorate for an application form.

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