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Recreation on hill lands and in plantations

Plantations offer many interesting walks and in many cases have scenery as stunning as that to be seen within the National Glens.

Recreational events of all kinds occur within plantations throughout the year. For major motor events it is sometimes necessary to close certain plantations for safety reasons. Spectators are however generally very welcome at these events and should contact the event organisers for more information. Sporting events are restricted to those organised by formal clubs or associations, which are required to ensure that adequate levels of safety and insurance cover are provided.

Walking is permitted in plantations at all times except where harvesting work or organised events require access to certain areas to be restricted.

Plantations often also play host to car rallies, motorcycle trials, enduros, mountain bike events and cross country running as well as various cadet and scout exercises. Motor access and events are strictly prohibited without the prior permission of the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture.

Plans of the more frequently used plantations can be found in the Plantations section of the site. These can be used in planning routes prior to submitting a request to the Department for approval of an event.

Forest Cycle Code

  • Expect the unexpected - keep your distance
  • Remember other vehicles use the forest
  • Give way to walkers - be friendly towards other forest users
  • Be aware of horses and avoid an accident
  • Danger! Keep away from forest operations
  • Danger! Do not pass a vehicle that is loading timber until you have been told to do so.
  • Footpaths are for walkers only
  • Cycle with care and you can come back again.

The Forestry, Amenity and Lands Directorate is keen to promote responsible access and recreation. For further information on cycling please telephone the Forestry Directorate on +44 1624 685835.

Recreation on hill land

The Forestry, Amenity and Lands Directorate manages 19,000 acres (7,700 Ha) of hill lands. These are located in 2 main blocks, the northern hills surround Snaefell (2036 feet) and extend as far south as Greeba Mountain which overlooks the Central Valley, and the southern block which runs through Glen Rushen to South Barrule and the coastal hills of Cronk-ny-Arrey Laa and Surby.

The Department’s hill lands are open for ramblage on foot and are marked as such on the Isle of Man Public Rights of Way and Outdoor Leisure Map obtainable from local bookshops.

The public is welcome throughout the year but walkers are asked to take special care to avoid disturbance to lambing sheep and nesting birds during the spring months, particularly April and May.

It is an offence to take motor vehicles onto the hills without permission, although horses, mountain bikes, and motorcycles can make use of the many signposted greenways.

The uplands are managed for hill-sheep grazing, to encourage the small population of red grouse and to conserve the valuable wildlife habitats and outstanding natural beauty which they provide.

Mountain hares are seen on the northern hills and are a spectacular sight in winter when their coats turn white. Also often spotted are hen harrier and, nearer coastal areas, chough.

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