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Sulby Claddagh: Consultation to gather views on future plans

Tuesday, 18 April 2023

Sulby Claddagh Aerial ViewIndividuals, camping enthusiasts and community groups can now share their views on the future of the Sulby Claddagh, where camping will be permitted from next month.

The scenic site, on the banks of the Sulby River, is a shared area that people can use for picnics and recreation in the day and, at certain times of the year, camping is permitted.

The six-week consultation seeks to understand how the land can be best used for the community, whilst not incurring a cost to the tax payer. It also outlines a number of possible options and encourages people to discuss how they use the space and submit their own ideas. Initial investment may be possible but ongoing annual costs must be sustainable.

Earlier this year, the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) announced it would pause the camping operation as it was unsustainable and consult users.

Following public feedback the Isle of Man Government committed to open the site for camping as much as possible this season, on a cost neutral basis. After considering the available options for 2023, Ballamoar, who run a nearby campsite, were chosen to run it.

People can now book to stay in tents or motorhomes between 3 May and 6 September this year. As the site is not registered campsite the new operator has to comply with the Sulby Claddagh's byelaws, which means a permit must be obtained before booking a pitch. The costs for permits have been increased to reflect the actual costs of opening the facility.

Weekly, fortnightly and full-season permits are available and there are specific permits for the TT and Manx Grand Prix, which people can book by emailing

Dr Michelle Haywood MHK, Member for Environment at DEFA, said:

'Use of the site was placed in jeopardy for 2023, when DEFA decided that it could no longer continue to make a large financial investment in issuing permits and managing the facility. 

‘After listening to public opinion, it was agreed to find a solution that allowed the site to operate on a cost neutral basis. The unfortunate consequence of this is that permit costs will rise significantly this year for site users so that the running costs are fully funded by the users and not from limited DEFA funds.

‘We recognise that the scale of the permit cost increases will seem very large to some, but  we believe that £100 for a season pass, with no additional pitch fees to be paid, still represents exceptional value for money.’ 

The consultation will remain open until 26 May.

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