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Get Online Centre

Opened Monday 9 January

The Isle of Man Government's new Get Online Centre is a dedicated space for developing digital skills, confidence and awareness to be able to use devices, browse the internet and embrace digital. The Centre will provide training and access to the internet, to ensure everyone has the opportunity to get online for free.

The training and support will be provided by our friendly trainers, helping learners understand the benefits of being online and showing them how to complete a range of simple activities that can make a huge difference to those who cannot or do not use the internet.

The centre will offer both one-to-one and group sessions on topics such as:

  • Using the internet
  • Internet security
  • Shopping online
  • Understanding computer basics
  • Health and Fitness
  • Using email, WhatsApp and other Apps
  • Music and Audio

There will be a training room to deliver group sessions and we also invite organisations to use this space to deliver or host digital inclusion related activities, whether it be training or an awareness raising event, we would like to encourage like-minded organisations to take advantage of this space and help promote digital inclusion on the Island.

February/March Training Calendar


  • 30 January (11am) - 1-2-1 Sessions 
  • 6 February (11am) - 1-2-1 Sessions 
  • 13 February (11am) - 1-2-1 Sessions 
  • 20 February (11am) - Staying safe online 
  • 27 February (11am) - 1-2-1 Sessions 


  • 1 February (11am) - Getting started with shopping online
  • 8 February (11am) - Getting started with email
  • 15 February (11am) - Getting started with email
  • 22 February (11am) - 1-2-1 Sessions
  • 1 March (11am) - Getting started with shopping online


  • 3 February (11am) - Getting started with email
  • 10 February (11am) - 1-2-1 Sessions
  • 17 February (11am) - Getting started with shopping online
  • 24 February (11am) - Getting started with email
  • 3 March (11am) - Getting started with email

Download a PDF version 

Where to find us

The Get Online Centre is located next to the Welcome Centre in the Sea Terminal building in Douglas.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm.

Want to learn more about the Get Online Centre?

To book a session or for more information email or call +44 01624 685224.

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