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Room charges and booking conditions


Facility/timeSchedule ASchedule BSchedule C
  DHSC run education and/or training events

Government Departments, Boards and Offices other than DHSC

Education and/or training events run on behalf of the DHSC solely for DHSC staff

DHSC orientated charities / organisation for example, Age Concern, Blind Welfare Society, Macmillan Cancer Relief
Non DHSC charities / organisations which are essentially non-profit making, for example, Pharmacy CPPE, IOM Photographic Society

However, if a charitable organisation is charging for attendance to an event Schedule C will apply. Please factor this cost into your budget.
All other commercial bodies, for example, banks, building societies, private companies etc
Keyll Darree
Lecture Theatre and Function Room
Morning No charge £100 £220
Afternoon No charge £100 £220
Evening No charge £100 £220
Evening – Function Room only No charge £50 £110
Seminar Rooms   
Morning No charge £50 £110
Afternoon No charge £50 £110
Evening No charge £50 £110

Keyll Darree booking conditions are: 

  • prices exclude VAT; VAT will be applied as applicable
  • Please be aware that the lecture theatre and function room (kitchen area) are separate chargeable rates as they are separate bookable venues. If using both lecture theatre and function room at an event you will be charged for both venues.
  • Keyll Darree is a non-smoking property
  • these rates assume that the building will not be staffed
  • Use of kitchen facility is available if providing own refreshments, but must be liaised with Centre staff beforehand. A vending machine is also available at the cost of *70 pence or more (depending on coffee chosen)
  • refreshments are NOT provided 
  • there are no additional charges for standard audio-visual equipment
  • schedule relates to the organisation hiring rather than the employment of the person making the booking; If you are unsure as to which schedule applies to you please contact enquiries for clarification
  • all other conditions of use will apply irrespective of whether exemption from charges is allowed

Making a Booking

It is advisable to contact Keyll Darree Administrative Team on well in advance of a proposed event to establish availability and to discuss alternative dates and times. However, bookings for the following year can only be taken from the previous September at the earliest to allow the Centre's staff to input the Centre's core teaching commitments into system.

Please note that room bookings for meetings can only be accommodated if held out of normal office hours. This is to ensure the availability of rooms for education and training purposes. 

An invoice will be sent to you for payment on completion of the event.

Please complete the booking form below and bookings will be confirmed by a member of the Keyll Darree Administrative Team. Completing the form does not guarantee the booking.

Period of Booking

The period of use shown on the booking form should be agreed at the time of the provisional booking and should be adhered to. Event organisers should allow for setting up prior to the event and clearing away afterwards so that rooms are left ready for the next user.

Amendments/cancellation of a booking

Keyll Darree Administrative Team will try to assist wherever possible to accommodate any changes to the booking however priority will always be given to those events coming under schedule A of the charging policy. If at any time you need to cancel a room booked, please inform the Keyll Darree Administrative Team immediately in order that the rooms are made free for anyone else wishing to book. Failure to do so may affect further ability to make room bookings and additional charges may be incurred.

Cancellation of a booking (or any part thereof) by the organiser may attract a cancellation fee as follows:

  • Less than two weeks prior to the event – 100% of the full fee
  • More than two weeks but less than four weeks – 50% of the full fee
  • More than four weeks but less than eight weeks – 20% of the full fee  


The catering/refreshment arrangements for all functions will be the responsibility of the organiser. However, some assistance may be available from Keyll Darree (eg greeting caterers and enabling them access to facilities within normal office hours) and in all cases staff should be kept fully informed about all arrangements which are made. 

Kitchen facilities are available and Organisers must ensure that the function room and kitchen is clean of all crockery and rubbish. Rubbish must be disposed of in the bins outside the kitchen area. Failure to comply will result in further bookings not being accommodated. If you are making the bookings on behalf of another individual or organisation, it is your responsibility to pass all booking conditions onto them as it may result in their ability to be considered for future bookings as well.

No food or drink shall be served or consumed in the Lecture Theatre.

No food or drink shall be served or consumed in Seminar Rooms 3 to 7.


During normal office hours any message received for people attending events will be left in the main office. Only in an emergency will messages be taken into the room.


Unfortunately we are unable to offer a photocopying service for hand outs.

Payment of Hire Charges

The full cost of the booking must be paid on receipt of our invoice within 30 days (see Charging Schedule above). 

Exceptional Circumstances

Users of Keyll Darree may in exceptional circumstances be requested to move their reserved date if an urgent priority request is received from a user under charging schedule A. Users of Keyll Darree may in exceptional circumstances be allocated a different room to that booked. The Centre's staff are under no obligation to accept bookings from users to whom charging schedules B or C apply, and that the bookings of rooms for the Centre's core teaching commitments will take priority over all other bookings regardless of which schedule applies.


Attendees at Keyll Darree should park in Ballafletcher sports ground car park and not park on the roads around or on the double yellow lines in front of Keyll Darree and the Hospital, as they need to be kept clear for access by emergency vehicles. Notices will be left on vehicles parked in places they should not be parking in.

Organisers and Person ‘In Charge’ Responsibilities

All bookings will require an ‘organiser’ to be identified on the booking form who will ensure that the details on the booking form are correct. They will also identify the person ‘in charge’ of the event on the day. The person ‘in charge’ will:

  • Make contact with Reception at least seven days prior to the event to ensure they are familiar with, and adhere to, the various procedures (ie security, emergency evacuation, equipment etc).
  • It must be noted that not all seminar rooms in our facility are compatible with Apple Mac. Any queries with this issue please contact a member of the Keyll Darree Administration Team: +44 1624 642934
  • At evening and weekend events ensure that someone is at the front door to let people in until 10 minutes after the event begins. The front door is not to be left propped open, which would compromise security arrangements. If found not adhering to this stipulation, further bookings will not be confirmed!
  • Be present for the duration of the event.
  • Maintain a list of attendees throughout the event in case of an emergency evacuation.
  • Familiarise themselves with the emergency exit procedure and briefing all attendees accordingly.
  • Undertake a briefing on the use of any equipment.
  • Ensure adherence to the ‘No Smoking’ policy of the building as Keyll Darree is a Non-Smoking Property.
  • Be responsible for the clearing away of all literature, debris, items of equipment, crockery, cutlery etc and leaving the facility in a clean and tidy condition so as to cause no delay for the next user.
  • Ensure that no part of the facility is used for any activity which might be deemed to be dangerous, noxious, noisy, illegal or immoral or which may become a nuisance or annoyance to other users.
  • If bookings are required to be cancelled, the Keyll Darree Administrative Team must be contacted immediately to cancel rooms which have been arranged. If not notified to cancel booking, charges will be incurred for the cost of staff time and any supplies used.   
  • The Keyll Darree Administrative Team are not responsible for the cancellation of any external catering.
  • If you have a presentation and would like it loading into the Keyll Darree Training Area, it will need to be forwarded to no later than noon prior to the event.


Users must take good care and not cause any damage to be done to the facilities and equipment provided, and must make good and pay for any such damage caused by any act or negligence on the part of the users or any persons permitted to access the buildings by the users, in accordance with whatever valuation is put on the damages by the DHSC.

The DHSC will not be liable for the death or injury of any person attending a non-DHSC function at the Learning Team’s facilities or for any other liability incurred by users during the period of use, unless such death, injury or other liability is due to negligence on the part of DHSC staff.

The DHSC will not, under any circumstances, accept responsibility or liability in respect to damage or loss of goods, articles or property of any kind brought into or left at Keyll Darree by users or other parties attending functions.

The Keyll Darree Administrative Team is under no obligation to accept bookings from users to whom charging schedules B or C apply, and that the booking of rooms for core teaching commitments will take priority over all other bookings regardless of which schedule applies.

If you have any questions regarding room bookings or the facilities available at Keyll Darree please contact Keyll Darree Administrative Team on +44 1624 642934 or

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