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Event safety

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Event Safety Group

The Event Safety Group was established under the chairmanship of the Chief Health and Safety Inspector, Mr N J Black, in July 2002. Meetings of the Group have been held on a monthly basis since August 2002. The Chairmanship currently sits within the Department of Infrastructure.

The Event Safety Group has launched a booklet Guidance for Organisers of Public Events, which provides guidance for organisers of public events on the Island. In particular, the booklet seeks to help organisers understand techniques that have been successful in running past events and explaining what plans and precautions need to be in place to ensure that events are well managed, safe and successful. The booklet has been written to apply to events where LESS than 500 people are expected to attend. 

Bodies represented

The following responder organisations participate:

  • Isle of Man Constabulary
  • Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service
  • Isle of Man Ambulance and Paramedic Service
  • Isle of Man Coastguard

The following regulatory bodies participate:

  • Health and Safety at Work Inspectorate
  • Environment Directorate
  • Office of Fair Trading

The following organisations are represented for the purpose of providing advice and consultation:

  • Department of Home Affairs: Emergency Planning/Civil Defence
  • Department of Economic Development: Special Events Unit

Role of the Group

The Group's main objectives:

Firstly, to provide a 'one-stop' notification process for event organisers to ensure that regulators and emergency responders are notified of your event. Secondly, to provide guidance to event organisers.

The Group has agreed a format for an event notification form (see downloadable documents). The form can be returned to:

Event Safety Advisory Group

Corporate Services

Sea Terminal Building



and will be circulated electronically from there to all the regulating and responding organisations.

Further useful information can be found on the UK's HSE website on .

Camping at events has become more popular and a leaflet has been produced to highlight the safety concerns about carbon monoxide poisoning and camping activities (see downloadable documents). For more information see the Isle of Man fire website on

If you are considering the use of fireworks at an event outside of Bonfire Night or New Years Eve please see for further information.

Please telephone us on +44 1624 686999 if you wish to discuss anything related to the Group and your event.

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