Camping is a popular way to make memories and unwind with family and friends in the great outdoors. The Isle of Man has plenty of campsites where you can book to stay overnight in a motorhome or tent, so you can relax and explore the Biosphere.

All campsites are close to great walks making it easy to explore the island’s beautiful coastline, peaceful glens and breath taking countryside.  A full list of campsites can be found on Visit Isle of Man's website.

A full review of the provision for camping and motorhomes on Government owned land is underway and will take on board tourism needs and the aims of Our Island Plan.

Sulby Claddagh 2024

Following a Prior Information Notice regarding future management opportunities for the Sulby Claddagh, the Department is reviewing the responses and proposals from potential partners, before it determines the long-term options.

Considering the significance of maintaining safe public access and enjoyment, we are delighted to announce that the Claddagh will allow permitted overnight stays from 1 May 2024. During this interim period, a third party will be responsible for the site's management and camping facilities. For details on how to apply to stay, please refer to the information provided below.

The Sulby Claddagh is a popular spot to camp and makes a popular base to explore the nearby beaches, glens, as well as the Curraghs Wildlife Park. The site is available to all during the day for picnics and recreation and people can book to camp overnight and use the basic facilities, between 1 May and 4 September.

The camping operation will be run by Ballamoar, an experienced local provider that also runs a neighbouring campsite. Further details can be found at

As the area is not a registered campsite the new operator must comply with Sulby Claddagh byelaws, which require campers to obtain a permit before booking their pitch. People over aged 18 and over can apply by emailing the following information to

  • Name
  • Home postcode
  • Planned accommodation (tent, caravan, motorhome etc)
  • Include vehicle registration if appropriate
  • Please include your intended dates of stay

PayPal invoices will be sent within two days and can be paid using PayPal or Debit/Credit Card. The permit will be sent electronically. Please note you will not be charged for a permit if your preferred dates are not available. Once in receipt of a permit, people can book their pitch by emailing with their permit number. People must clearly display the permit throughout their stay and anyone found camping without one will be asked to leave.

If you still got a question about the booking process or facilities, please have a look at Sulby Claddagh's FAQs.

Permit prices 

This year, permit prices have been increased and structured differently to enable the site to run at a cost neutral basis whilst trying to provide a low-cost pitch fee.

People can apply for weekly, fortnightly or full season permits, which allow them to book to camp excluding the TT and Manx Grand Prix: 

A separate permit is available to cover the TT & MGP fortnights, costing £100 (no further pitch fees will be required for this time period).

These allow people to stay overnight during the following dates:

  • TT permit – 23 May and 12 June
  • MGP permit – 15 August and 4 September

In line with legal requirements there will 25 pitches available – except during the TT and MGP fortnights, when it will rise to 65 as the area available for camping increases. Even with a full season pass the maximum stay allowed is 14 consecutive nights at a time.

Sulby Claddagh 2024 Permit application

Sulby Claddaghs are managed under the Sulby Claddagh Byelaws and all visitors must comply with these byelaws.

One pitch is approximately 8 metres (8 metres = 1 permit per pitch.)

Applying for a permit

To apply for a permit, email - with the following information:

  • Name, postcode & motorhome (caravan or van) or tent
  • If a motorhome, please include registration number or identification

PayPal invoices will be sent within 48 hours, once payment is made permits will be sent electronically within a further 48 hours.

Once you have received your permit invoice, payment can be made using PayPal and Debit or Credit Card.

Booking a pitch

To book a pitch, email with your permit number.

Pitches will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

2024 Permits

Season permit (Cost £100)

Between 1 May and 4 September. Excluding TT and MGP weeks

1 or 2 week permit (Cost £20 or £30 respectively)

For weeks between 1 May to 4 September – Excluding TT and MGP weeks

Permit is for consecutive 7 or 14 nights, is non-transferable, and is only available once per season.

TT & MGP Permit (Cost £100)

TT permit – 23 May and 12 June

MGP permit – 15 August and 4 September

If you wish to book a secondary visit (MGP), email these will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

The Ayres National Nature Reserve (NNR)

Overnight stays on the Ayres NNR (controlled by Section 7 of the Ayres NNR Byelaws 2005) is no longer permitted. Permits are no longer available and all previous permits issued are now invalid.

For information regarding the Ayres NNR please contact the Ecosystem Policy Team on or Telephone: +44 1624 651577.