Wild camping is not permitted anywhere in the Isle of Man without prior permission from the landowner. The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture do not have the power to allow camping on private land.

There are a number of registered campsites around the Isle of Man.

Sulby Claddagh 

2023 Camping Suspended

Camping permit applications are suspended until further notice.

No camping permit applications will be processed or issued for 2023

The Sulby Claddagh is not a registered campsite and there is no right to overnight camp on the site. Camping is permissible, under the Sulby Claddagh Byelaws 2010 as amended 2011, through the issuing of seasonal permits by the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA).

Following an evaluation of the resources required to manage and administer the provision of overnight camping DEFA has taken the decision to not issue camping permits for 2023. 

During 2023 the Department will be conducting a consultation to gather views on the future operation of the site.

A full review of the provision for camping and motorhomes across the Isle of Man Government’s estate is already underway and will take on board the needs of the tourism sector and the aims of Our Island Plan.

The Department acknowledges that some will be disappointed by this decision, however, the Department would like to encourage consideration be given to using one of the many alternative campsites across the Island, many of which can be found here Campsites on the Isle of Man.

Sulby Claddagh as a daytime recreation site will remain unaffected by this decision and will continue to be managed for visitor enjoyment and remain open throughout the year.

Toilet facilities which are no longer fit for purpose are scheduled for permanent decommissioning. 

Sulby Claddagh Overnight Camping - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why has the Department decided to suspend camping permits for 2023?

    In compliance with regulations and guidance the support for safe camping is increasingly unsustainable in its current form.

    Increasing cost pressures posed by the administration, maintenance, site supervision and general upkeep has meant that the site has, annually, been running at a significant financial loss.

  2. Can the Department legally stop overnight camping?

    Yes, the Department can under the powers assigned to it through the Sulby Claddagh Byelaws 2010 which regulates the provision of overnight camping.

    To legally camp on the Claddagh a visitor must be in possession of a valid permit issued by the Department. Anyone camping on the Claddagh without a permit is in breach of the byelaws and is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £2,500.

  3. Will camping be allowed in 2024?

    A decision as to whether camping will resume in 2024 will be determined nearer the time and following a wider consultation.

  4. Don’t I have a right to camp on the Sulby Claddagh – its common land?

    No; there are rights of common for the daytime use of the site, but no right to overnight camp.

  5. What other campsites can I camp at?

    Please refer to Campsites on the Isle of Man

  6. Are you closing the Sulby Claddagh?

    No; the Department is only suspending overnight camping, the site will remain open for daytime recreation.

  7. Are the toilets open for use?

    No; currently the toilets are not fit for use and will be decommissioned.

  8. How long can I stay without breaching the byelaw conditions?

    Under the byelaws ‘overnight camping’ is defined as ‘allowing a moveable dwelling to stand on the site between the hours of 12 midnight and 6am.’

    A moveable dwelling can stay on the site, legally, between 6am and midnight.

    Occasionally, to protect the ground from damage the Department reserves the right to close areas of the Claddagh to mechanically propelled vehicles.

  9. If I stay until midnight what other things must I consider?

    If you chose to stay until midnight you are advised to make sure you have read and understood the site rules and the Sulby Claddagh Byelaws, particularly section 12 Disturbance:

    1. A person must not cause a disturbance so as to inconvenience or offend any other person.
    2. Without limiting paragraph (1), the following shall constitute a disturbance –
      (a) playing any music after 10.30 pm;
      (b) running a generator after the hours of 10.30 pm or before 7.30 am;
      (c) violent, quarrelsome, or disorderly behaviour;
      (d) using profane, obscene or threatening language.

  10. Will there continue to be site supervision?

    There will be no continuous supervision of the site. However, the Department will be conducting frequent checks to ensure visitors are complying with the byelaws.  

The Ayres National Nature Reserve (NNR)

With immediate effect overnight stay on the Ayres NNR (controlled by Section 7 of the Ayres NNR Byelaws 2005) is no longer permitted. Permits are no longer available and all previous permits issued are now invalid.

For information regarding the Ayres NNR please contact the Ecosystem Policy Team on or Telephone: +44 1624 651577.