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The 2018 Trail

Year -of -our -island -03Here in the Isle of Man we live in a special place for both people and nature – this year is as opportunity for all of us to value our environment, our culture and our community. Our trail guide was developed to help you do just this. 

Our Island Trail

The Our Island Trail is a collection of 12 routes that will take you across beaches, through glens and plantations and around our towns and villages. 

  • The Ayres
  • Baldwin
  • Ballaglass
  • Ballaugh
  • Conrhenney
  • Derbyhaven and Langness
  • Douglas River Walk
  • Onchan
  • Peel
  • Port St Mary Promenade
  • Ramsey
  • Silverdale and Castletown

These trails are between 1 to 4 miles in length and were created to encourage you to explore more of our beautiful island, helping you to discover something new. 

We've included loads of interesting information that highlights what is special about the area that you are visiting as well as activities for the whole family! 

So whether you're Manx as the hills or newly Manx, this booklet has been deigned to help you explore more, do more and share more during 2018.

We would love to hear from you, so why not get in touch and let us know how you are getting on – connect with us @Ourisland2018 or by using our #OurIsland2018 tag!

Our Island Rocks 

Look out for special 2018 Year of Our Island rocks that are ready to found along the routes of the trail.

There is one rock per route and a prize for every 3 you find!

When you find a rock:

  1. Take a photograph
  2. Post it to IOM Rocks facebook group and
  3. Use the #OurIsland2018 tag
  4. Then replace or rehide the stone on the same route for the next explorer to find! 

For full details, see Year of Our Island Rocks!

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