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Summer Holiday Activities

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2018: Year of Our Island is about celebrating all that is great about living on the Isle of Man from our environment, our culture, our heritage and our community. Over the course of the year people are encouraged to Explore More, Do More and Share More.

This page is dedicated to providing a guide to all the current activities, events and locations that are available for children to take part in over the summer holidays.

Explore More by walking the 2018 Trail (download available from or visiting one of our beautiful Glens (more information available from )

Do More by taking part in rock pooling events with the Manx Wildlife Trust ( ) or by becoming a Beach Buddy ( )

Share More by staying in touch with us via our social media channels with the #ourisland2018 and tell us what you have been up to.

For 2018, Year of Our Island have created a Summer passport designed to help young adventurers explore more of our Island! 

Pick up your passport and explore more, do more and share more this summer collecting stamps along the way. 

Stamps can be found in our glens, on our trails, in our libraries at our heritage sites and on our trains and trams, intrepid explorers could be in with the chance to win a special Year of Our Island Prize!

Our Island Rocks!!

Look out for our special 2018: Year of Our Island rocks that are ready to be found along the 12 routes of the Year of Our Island Trail. There is one rock per route and a prize for every three you find. When you have found a rock take a photograph and upload to @ourisland2018 #ourisland2018 then replace or re-hide for the next explorer. When you have found 3 then head to the Welcome Centre where a prize awaits you!

Please find a comprehensive list of just some of the events and activities that you can be part of over the Summer of 2018!!

Download the Our Island Rocks Guide to find out more!

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