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There's so much to explore on our Island! We may be just 13 by 32 miles, but we have plenty of glens, beaches, plantations, footpaths and heritage sites to discover.

We know that sometimes it's hard to find time to explore but why not make 2018 the year to experience all that our Island has to offer and find somewhere new.

Do more

This year we will be shouting about all of the amazing, unusual and usual things we can do on our Island and encourage you to try something different.

Whether it be setting up a new event, running a project or simply trying something new, 2018 is about showcasing everything that the Isle of Man has to offer.

Share more

2018 is about our Island and the people who chose to call it home. Whether it's through social media, traditional conversations, or doing something creative, we want you to connect with us and share your stories.

Use our social media tags and follow our social media pages to make sure that you're part of the conversation this year - so remember #ourisland2018.

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