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World War One Timelines

Events of 1914

Jun-28 Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and his wife Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, are assassinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia.
Jun-29 Secretary of the Austro-Hungarian Legation at Belgrade sends despatch to Vienna accusing Serbian complicity in the assassination.
Jul-20 Austria-Hungary sends troops to the Serbian frontier.
Jul-25 Serbia orders mobilisation of troops.
Russia arranges for troops to be stationed on Russo-Austrian frontier.
Jul-28 Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.
Jul-29 Great Britain warns Germany that it cannot remain neutral.
Austrians bombard Serbian capital Belgrade.
German patrols cross the French border.
Aug-01 French military mobilisation ordered.
Germany declares war on Russia.
Italy announces neutrality.
Belgium announces neutrality.
Aug-03 Germany declares war on France.
Great Britain gives order for troops to mobilise.
Aug-04 Germany declares war on Belgium.
United States declares neutrality.
Great Britain gives Germany ultimatum to stand down from hostilities. When Germany doesn't comply a state of war is declared at 11.00pm
Aug-06 Royal Navy cruiser HMS Amphion is sunk by German mines in the North Sea, causing the death of 150 men and the first British casualties of war.
First members of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) land in France
Aug-11 'Your King and Country Need You' slogan is published, calling for the first 100,000 men to enlist for Kitchener's New Army. The call is answered within two weeks.
Aug-13 The first squadrons of the Royal Flying Corps arrive in France.
Aug-20 Brussels is evacuated as Germans occupy the city.
Aug-25 The Royal Flying Corps claim their first 'kill' as three aircraft from 2nd Squadron force down a German reconnaissance plane.
Aug-26 The Battle of Le Cateau. BEF suffers 7,812 casualties and is forced to retreat
Sep-06 The First Battle of Marne checks German advance at the cost of 13,000 British, 250,000 French and 250,000 German casualties.
Oct-16 The British Indian Expeditionary Force sails from Bombay to the Persian Gulf in preparation for the defense of Mesopotamia.
Oct-19 First Battle of Ypres.
Oct-29 Turkey enters the war.
Trenches are established along the entire Western Front.
Nov-23 The British enter Basra, securing oil supplies in the Middle East needed to supply most of the Royal Navy.
Dec-08 The Battle of the Falkland Islands. A Royal navy task force sinks three German cruisers that were victorious at the Battle of Coronel in November. Only the SMS Dresden escapes.
Dec-16 The German First High Sea fleet bombards Hartlepool, Whitby and Scarborough, killing 137 civilians and proving that the British mainland is susceptible to attack.


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