Dutch elm disease

Unfortunately, at this time the Department is unable to offer any financial assistance for the removal of trees with Dutch elm disease. We do, however, strongly encourage the removal of trees suffering from the disease in order to help control the spread.

Under the Dutch Elm Disease (Restriction on Movement of Elms) Order 1992, the movement of diseased elm timber remains subject to strict biosecurity controls. All arising’s from felled trees must be either:

  • burnt on site

  • remain on site, subject to all branches being chipped and the bark being removed from all remaining timber

  • be transported, under a secure cover, to DEFA’s disease timber burn site in Ballaugh Plantation – contact the Forestry team for prior approval and access

For further information, or advice, please contact the Forestry team at Forestry@gov.im, or on +44 1624 695701.

Tree with Dutch Elm Disease