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Recycling locations

Civic amenity sites, Public recycling sites & Kerbside collection 

Civic amenity sites

There are four Civic Amenity Sites on the Island providing facilities for residents to deposit bulky household waste. The sites also provide a recycling service for a number of materials including lead acid batteries (e.g. car batteries), dry cell batteries (e.g. rechargeable or single use batteries), scrap metal (e.g. old washing machines), waste electrical items (fridges, TV’s & PC Monitors) garden waste, glass bottles and jars, cans, plastic bottles, paper & clothing).
The Eastern and Northern sites also accept flattened corrugated cardboard and small electrical items for recycling. 

All sites have a reuse area where unwanted items which might be of use to someone else can be placed. For example, books, CDs, furniture and kitchenware. 

If you require further advice regarding site access or services provided please contact the Civic Amenity site or contact your Local Authority.  

Public recycling sites

There are over 60 public recycling sites located around the Island for the collection of glass bottles/jars, cans, paper, clothing & batteries. You can find your closest public recycling site on our mapping system

Kerbside collection

Fortnightly kerbside recycling collections take place in Braddan & Douglas. Householders are encouraged to 'get into the recycling habit' and use the scheme to recycle their paper, glass bottles and jars, food, drinks cans, aluminium foil and plastic bottles, from the convenience of their homes. 

Collections of paper, brown cardboard and green waste take place in Malew. 

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