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Add peat-free power to your flowers

Whether planting up patio pots, digging into flowerbeds or improving the soil in vegetable plots, peat-free compost is the perfect choice. But, because not all compost is the same, it is not always easy to know which is the most environmentally-friendly option for our gardens and our environment. Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you make the right choices: 

What is peat-free compost?

Peat-free compost contains recycled materials such as bark, plants, tree and grass cuttings which provide a rich source of organic matter and does not contain peat. 

Why use peat-free?

Peat bogs are superb environments for a unique selection of specially adapted wildlife including carnivorous plants, colourful bog mosses, beautiful dragonflies, rare insects and a wide range of birds. These peatlands are now very rare in the UK: 94% have now been lost. Today, lowland peat bogs and wildlife species are threatened through peat extraction for garden composts and other uses. Peatland wildlife depends on peat for its survival and it is essential that we protect this unique natural resource. The good news is that gardeners can choose alternatives. Peat-free doesn't cost the earth and is the perfect solution for the environmentally aware gardener.

How can I get peat-free compost on the Isle of Man?

Make it yourself and compost at home. Discounted compost bins are available at Eden Park Garden Centre, Braddan Telephone: +44 1624 616116.

Buy locally produced peat-free compost. Ballaneven Compost & Horticulture Ltd (Telephone: +44 7624 451857) makes peat-free compost in St. Johns. It is produced via the Windrow system, reaching temperatures of over 131 Fahrenheit for 3+ consecutive days to make a clean, high quality, weed and seed-free compost. It is available in 40 Litre bags from a range of local outlets.

Buy peat-freecompost from your local garden centre or retail outlet. Please remember - always check the label and always buy peat-free.

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