Parole Committee

The Isle of Man Parole Committee is a statutory committee operating within the Isle of Man criminal justice system.

The Parole Committee independently assesses long term prisoners who are eligible and apply for parole under a discretionary conditional release licence and makes recommendations to the Minister for Home Affairs.

It monitors progress through licence periods and considers the recall of offenders who fail to comply with licence conditions. In making recommendations, the Parole Committee considers key criteria including that prisoners are not an unacceptable risk to the public and are not likely to re-offend.

Members are appointed by the Minister for Home Affairs initially for 3 years, although they can be appointed to serve additional terms.

No formal qualifications are needed to become a member of the Parole Committee and members come from a range of backgrounds and occupations in the Isle of Man. They possess applicable skills but also receive appropriate training.

The Parole Committee normally has at least 10 meetings a year. Members are paid an allowance for attending meetings of the committee and are also entitled to travelling expenses, when appropriate.

For information about the Isle of Man Parole Committee and its current membership, please write to:

Parole Committee Secretary

CEO Office


Old Drill Hall



Isle of Man

IM2 5PA.