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Electoral Commission publishes report

Monday, 22 January 2024

The Electoral Commission, an independent body appointed by Tynwald to review constituency boundaries and other electoral matters for House of Keys Elections, has today published its report.

The Commission's report recommends limited boundary changes to reduce the electoral constituency size of two Keys constituencies, Ramsey and Glenfaba & Peel.

The report highlights that both populations have increased so that there are now more voters per MHK in those constituencies than in the rest of the Island. This dilutes the value of votes in those constituencies.

The Electoral Commission Chair, Sally Bolton highlighted that:

'The Commission was mindful that the existing boundaries and structure of 12 two-seat constituencies has only been in place for two General Elections and felt it important to recommend only the most necessary changes.'

However, with continued development taking place within and around the Island's towns, the Commission notes that it is likely that recommendations for significant constituency changes may be needed by the time of the next boundary review.

The report also makes recommendations on a number of other electoral matters, including on-line voting. The Commission highlights that, whilst there was a high level of interest in introducing online voting, that it has only identified one country that currently uses this method for General Elections. Ensuring the security of the electoral process and the trust of voters is a key issue, and the Commission recommends that a detailed review is required.

Further recommendations in the Report seek to improve accessibility at Polling Stations and other venues used for election purposes and to allow voters to vote at any Polling Station within their own constituency.

The Electoral Commission is grateful to all those who contributed their views. It held public meetings, meetings with Members of Tynwald, Deputy Returning Officers, and interest groups and conducted an online consultation to inform its Report, which is due to be debated by Tynwald in March.

The full Report can be found on the Electoral Commission's page.

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