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Manx Gaelic

Manx Gaelic is one of 6 Celtic languages and is closely related to Irish and Scottish Gaelic.

The last 20 years have seen a resurgence in interest in the language and it is now possible to study it up to A Level standard in schools; Mooinjer Veggey run a series of play groups which introduce pre-school children to the language and at the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh the whole of the primary curriculum is delivered through Manx.

Adult classes are widely available as are numerous learning resources, many of which are produced by the Manx Language Development Officer for Culture Vannin.

Manx is a very visible marker of Island identity, with many street and office names being bilingual and the language is also visible in local place names such as Ballabeg (small homestead) and Ballasalla (Place of the Willow trees). Many local surnames such as Cain, Kinley, Kelly and Quilliam reflect the Island's Gaelic identity.

The Manx Gaelic name for the Island is Ellan Vannin or just Mannin which means Manannan's Island; Manannan being the Celtic sea God who it is believed resided on South Barrrule.

For general information about the language and lessons visit Culture Vannin's LearnManx website.

For information about play groups and Manx for pre-school ages visit the Mooinjer Veggey website

Information about the Department of Education, Sport and Culture Manx Langauge programme

and about the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh

The same text is below in Manx Gaelic.

She nane jeh ny shey chengaghyn Celtiagh y Ghaelg as ta mooinjerys çhionn eddyr ish as Yernish as Gaelg ny h-Albey. Sy feed blein shoh chaie ta'n earroo dy leih as sym oc er y çhengey er n'aase dy mooar as jiu oddys studeyrys goll er jannoo urree gys Stundayrt Leval A ayns ny scoillyn. Ta Mooinjer Veggey roie shiartanse dy phossanyn cloie ta cur bun-oallys y çhengey da paitchyn ro-scoill as ec y Vunscoill Ghaelgagh ta slane churriglym ny bun-scoillyn goll er livrey trooid Gaelg. Ta brastylyn son sleih aasit ry gheddyn ayns ymmodee buill as ta caghlaa mooar dy chooid-ynsee ayn er nyn son neesht, mooarane jeu ta goll er jannoo ec y Ghreinneyder ass lieh Culture Vannin.

Ta'n Ghaelg ny chowrey feer fakinagh jeh jarroo-enney Vannin as ish er ymmodee cowraghyn straiddey as enmyn offish daa-hengagh as ta'n çhengey ry akin dy baghtal neesht ayns ny enmyn buill ynnydoil gollrish Balley Beg as Balley Sallagh. Shimmey sliennoo t'ayn neesht gollrish Cain, Kinley, Kelly as Quilliam ta cur cooinaght orrin jeh jarroo-enney Gaelgagh yn Ellan. She Ellan Vannin ny Mannin ynrican yn ennym Gaelgagh t'er yn Ellan, ennym co-chianglt rere tradishoon rish Mannanan, y  jee marrey Celtiagh va cummal  er Barrool Jiass.

Son fysseree cadjin mychione y çhengey as lessoonyn cur shilley er yn ynnyd eggey ec Culture Vannin enmyssit LearnManx.

Son fysseree mychione possanyn cloie as Gaelg son paitchyn ro-scoill cur shilley er:

Ta fysseree mychione claare ynsee Gaelgagh y Rheynn Ynsee ry gheddyn ayns shoh: The Manx Language

as mychione y Vunscoill Ghaelgagh ayns shoh:


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