Licensing Forum

The Isle of Man Licensing Forum was established in February 2005 to assess the legislation under which the industry, the Licensing Court and the police operate and any associated problems. The aim is to ensure the industry has a suitable environment in which to operate whilst providing that the regulation of the industry by the police and the issuing of licences by the Courts is effective.

The forum has proved highly successful and has brought Government, the industry and the police together to address alcohol related problems.

The membership includes representatives from the following:

  • Department of Home Affairs
  • Department for Enterprise
  • Isle of Man Constabulary Central Alcohol Unit
  • General Registry
  • Licensed Victuallers Association
  • Isle of Man Restaurateurs Association
  • Pubwatch
  • Isle of Man Law Society
  • Licensing Consultants
  • Offwatch
  • Isle of Man Distillers Association
  • Public Entertainment Sector

The Forum has dealt with many issues since it was established including:

  • Bans from licensed premises
  • Designated Places Orders (liquor licensing)
  • Test purchasing
  • Underage drinking
  • Designated officials
  • Music and dance (licensed premises)
  • Wholesale sale of liquor
  • Alcohol and drug problems in young people
  • Drinks promotions
  • Age of consumption of liquor in public houses
  • Door staff training
  • Duty paid labels
  • The Noise Act etc.
  • Online sales
  • Supporting the progress of a new Bill
  • Party Buses

For information about applying for a licence, including application forms, please visit the Isle of Man Courts website.

For further information please contact the Secretary at:

Department of Home Affairs

Tromode Road


Isle of Man


Telephone:+44 1624 694300

Email:Send Email

For the purposes of regulation 64(4)(f) of the Liquor Licensing and Public Entertainments Regulations 2022, the following applications are approved forms of electronic verification:

  • the ′YOTI′ application, published by YOTI Ltd (Company registration no. 08998951)

  • the ′Post Office EasyID′ application, published by Post Office Limited (Company registration no. 2154540) and Post Office Management Services Limited (Company registration no. 08459718)

  • the ′Lloyds Bank Smart ID′ application, published by Lloyds Bank PLC (Registered in England and Wales no. 2065)

Other applications will be considered on request to the Department of Home Affairs by contacting