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Laxey Independent Flood Review

Arup LogoOn the 1 October 2019, the village of Laxey experienced severe flooding. As the river burst its banks, people were left trapped in their homes and the village effectively cut off for several hours. The people of Laxey are understandably angry and concerned about the position in which they find themselves.

The Chief Minister has called for an independent review of what happened and what needs to be done to better protect the village from flooding in the future. Arup was pleased to be selected as the firm to undertake this review. Arup is an independent firm of designers, engineers, consultants and technical specialists and has been involved in numerous flood risk assessments and flood resilience management programmes, both throughout the UK and across the world. David Wilkes is Arup’s Global Flood Resilience Leader and has volunteered to lead and take responsibility for this independent flood review.

A vital component of this independent review is gathering information and accounts from the residents of Laxey, regarding their views on activities that occurred before the event, how the event unfolded, and what has been done since the event. This will in turn inform the review and recommendations made to the government.

Arup would like to invite residents to complete an online feedback form, which includes questions and an opportunity for residents to share views and experiences. 

The questionnaire closed on Monday 6 January.

Arup would like to thank those who took the time to share their stories and views on the flooding incident, and would like to assure them that they will be listened to.

We received a total of 56 questionnaire responses from the community. These contributions are very valuable for the development of this independent review, which is to be completed by Spring 2020.

Arup would also like to thank those residents that attended the event in Laxey on Wednesday the 11 of December.

Other ways to get in touch 

If preferred, you can email us directly at: 

Or send written responses to:

Arup Laxey Flood Review Team
78 East Street

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