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Get help during a flood

If you are in danger due to flooding, or you see someone else in danger, dial 999

If you require assistance due to flooding please contact the Department of Infrastructure:

  • Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm: +44 1624 850000 
  • Out of hours emergency number: +44 1624 672000

When flooding occurs

  • If you are, or see someone else, in danger don’t hesitate to dial ‘999’.
  • Try to avoid contact with floodwater, it often contains sewage and perhaps other contaminants or chemicals.
  • Don’t walk through floodwater and, if at all possible, avoid driving through it.
  • Floodwater can dislodge covers from drains and manholes; these and other hazards may not be visible.
  • Driving through floodwater will generate wakes and exacerbate other peoples’ problems.
  • Fast moving water can carry submerged objects which may impact with considerable force.
  • Keep away from river banks and bridges as river levels can rise quickly.
  • Don’t walk on walls or sea defences, you could easily be swept off by an ‘unexpected’ wave and structures may collapse in extreme situations.
  • Beware of stones, pebbles and other debris thrown up by waves.
  • Be aware that strong winds and gusts can blow you into areas of danger.
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