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Essential Worker housing frequently asked questions

What is the scheme?

Some Essential Workers, such as nurses and teachers, are currently experiencing difficulty in finding appropriate accommodation when seeking to relocate to the Island after being offered a job.

The Board are looking to create a list of readily available rental accommodation for Essential Workers and are asking all landlords to come forward and express their interest.

If eligible, the landlord will be added to a list of suitable rental accommodation available which will be given to Essential Workers looking to relocate to the Island.

Who can register their interest?

All landlords offering both empty properties and shared occupancy housing can register their interest using the form.

Landlords are requested to only place properties onto the register that are available immediately. Landlords are free to advertise their properties elsewhere, but are requested to notify the team via when they become unavailable.

Who decides the rental cost for the property?

The cost of the rental property is decided by the market. Some Essential Workers may receive financial support to assist with the cost of relocating, or accommodation costs once they are here.

What do Essential Workers need to do?

If you are relocating to the Isle of Man as a Essential Worker but are struggling to find appropriate rental accommodation, please email your OHR contact specifying your requirements and they will be able to send you a list of potentially suitable properties.

Once you have found your preferred property, it is up to you to contact the Landlord using the contact details provided. You should go through all standard checks prior to entering into a tenancy agreement as you would for any rental agreement. 

Who is an Essential Worker?

For the purposes of this scheme, an Essential Worker is anyone employed in the following sectors:

  • Healthcare,
  • Education & Childcare,
  • Emergency Services,
  • Prison & Probation services.
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