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How to vote

Guidance for voters in Local Authority elections

Under new legislation there are now several ways in which you may vote in Local Authority elections.

By placing a vote at the Polling Station for your electoral district/ward,

This requires each registered voter to attend their allocated polling station in person on the day of the election.

By applying for a Postal Vote

This method allows registered voters to post their vote at their convenience in advance of the election date. It should be noted there are necessary deadlines for applying for this option and for receipt of votes cast using this method.

By applying for a Proxy Vote

This method allows registered voters to nominate another person to attend the allocated polling station in person on the day of the election to submit a vote on their behalf. It should be noted that a person may only act as a Proxy for up to two other registered voters. There are also deadlines for applying for this option.

Further information on ways to vote will be available from Local Authorities or the Cabinet Office Crown and Elections Team.  Information on these options are also available in the Notice of Election, published to announce Local Authority elections.

Where is your allocated polling station?

You will be issued with a poll card prior to the Election and this will state the location of your polling station. Should you not receive a poll card or are unsure of where your polling station is, please contact the local authority for your electoral area.

What happens if you are off Island?

A registered voter who wishes to vote and who will be off Island on polling day (or unable/or not wishing to attend their polling station to vote) will need to fill in an application form to request either a postal or proxy vote. 

Please contact your local authority for the deadline dates associated with applying for postal or proxy.

A body of electors wants to meet all the candidates and put questions to them

A requisition meeting can be held following nomination day, provided a formal request is made in writing by registered electors to the Captain of the Parish, who will then invite all candidates to address the voters at a requisition meeting and answer their questions.

In the case of Douglas, requests for a requisition meeting would normally be directed to the Mayor (or in the case of the towns of Ramsey, Peel and Castletown; the Chairman of the Commissioners). However, should they be standing for election themselves, then another suitable person would be asked to Chair these meetings.

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