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How to vote

There are three methods of voting in House of Keys elections:

  • place your vote at a Polling Station
  • apply for an Advance vote
  • apply for the appointment of a Proxy who will be able to vote on your behalf

Voting on Election Day

In order to vote your name must appear on the electoral register.

During the month before the election a Notice of Poll will appear in a local newspaper. This will give you the location of the polling station in your area. Your poll card will also give you the location of your polling station and you will receive this in the week proceeding the election.

If you have not been able to find the location of your polling station, you should contact the returning officer for your constituency who will advise you.

If you have registered to vote but have not received your polling card you are still entitled to vote.

Polling stations are open between the hours of 8am to 8pm

The location of your polling station can be found using our online mapping service.

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