Elections and Voting

You need to be on the electoral register to vote in all national and local elections. Make your vote count:

Make your vote count - register now

The General Election is every 5 years, with the last election being held on 22 September 2016 see our previous elections results page for details.

The Cabinet Office is promoting a new process to enable people to respond electronically to the annual update of the electoral register.

Heads of households who have previously consented to their email address being used for electoral registration purposes will be invited to take part.

An email will be sent from the Cabinet Office during November 2019 that includes part one of the household security code.

Participants will be invited to respond in order to receive a second email with part two of the security code.

Both codes will allow people to either confirm or update their household’s electoral registration details via an online portal.

The e-canvass is aimed at making the process quicker and easier for the public, as well as more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly for Government.

Those who do not respond via email by 5pm on Friday 6 December 2019 will receive a paper form in January 2020 as part of the annual postal canvass.

The canvass process helps to capture the information required to maintain an accurate record of people who are eligible to vote in an election.

For further information call +44 1624 685741.

Online Mapping Service

If you are unsure of your constituency, you may wish to use our online mapping service. This service will provide you with information regarding your local authority, House of Keys constituency and polling districts.

Guidance for using the Online Mapping Service

  • Type your postcode into the search bar (if you don't know your postcode, you can still manually search for your property)
  • Once you have found your property use the 'Local Information' icon [i] and select: 'My Constituency' from the menu list. This will provide you with your Keys Constituency, Polling district and Polling Ward

For more information regarding the electoral register you may call: +44 1624 685754 or email: elections@gov.im