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Voting by post

Voting by post is an easy and convenient way of voting if you are unable to visit your allotted polling station. It is also available to those who choose not to vote in person.

Postal votes can be sent to addresses in the Isle of Man, UK and overseas. You must be 16 years old or over on polling day and registered on the electoral register in order to vote.

To apply to vote by post you should complete the relevant application form for your constituency, which is available to download from this page, and send it back to the Returning Officer for your constituency.

Please note that a constituency Returning Officer is still to be appointed for Ayre & Michael and the detail will be confirm in due course.

The closing date for the receipt of postal voting applications is: 

  • If the postal ballot paper is to be marked within the Isle of Man – Wednesday 15 September 2021 

  • If the postal ballot paper is to be marked within the British Isles, but outside the Isle of Man – Thursday 9 September 2021 

  • If the postal ballot paper is to be marked overseas (outside the Isle of Man and the British Isles) – Tuesday 31 August 2021

Make sure you complete all sections of the application form and supply your date of birth and signature. Your date of birth and signature are needed on this application form, and again when you use your postal vote. This information is needed to prevent fraud.

Your postal voting ballot paper should be completed in good time and returned to your constituency Returning Officer so that it is received before 5pm on Wednesday 22 September 2021.

Postal ballot pack

You will be sent a postal ballot pack containing two envelopes (‘A’ and ‘B’), a postal voting statement and a ballot paper featuring your unique identification number.

When you get your postal ballot pack

  • Put it somewhere safe
  • Don’t let anyone else handle it
  • Make sure it is not left where someone else can pick it up

When you want to vote

  • Complete your ballot paper in secret, on your own
  • Don’t let anyone else vote for you
  • Don’t let anyone else see your vote
  • Don’t give the ballot paper to anyone else
  • Put the completed ballot paper in the envelope marked ‘A’ and seal it up yourself
  • Complete and sign the postal voting statement
  • Put the postal voting statement and envelope ‘A’ containing your ballot paper into the larger envelope ‘B’ and seal it up yourself.

When you return your postal vote

  • Take it to the post box yourself, if you can
  • If you can't do that, either give it to somebody you know and trust to post it for you
  • Don’t hand it to a candidate
  • Don’t leave it where someone else can pick it up

A pre-paid envelope is included in your postal ballot pack. However, if you are sending it from overseas, you may need to pay the postage.

If it is too late to send your vote back by post – and you are in the Isle of Man – you can hand it in on polling day at your designated polling station.

Remember that this is your vote – so keep it for yourself!

If anyone tries to help you against your will, or force you to give them your postal vote, you should contact the police.

If you have any other queries, please contact the Electoral Registration Unit at or tel +44 1624 685754, or the Returning Officer for your constituency.

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