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Know your candidates

Before you cast your vote you will wish to assess the merits of the candidates standing for election in your constituency.


A manifesto is a statement published by an election candidate in which they highlight their key messages, aims and policies.

Candidates will often post a copy of their manifesto to every household in their constituency.

Copies of manifestos will also be published on this website.

Door-to-door canvassing

During the weeks leading up to an election, candidates will often try to visit as many households within their constituency.

This gives you an opportunity to meet the candidates face to face and ask them about their policies or highlight any issues or concerns you may have.

Election meetings

Pre-election meetings provide an opportunity for you to gauge the performance of the candidates standing for election in your constituency, side by side.

The Government organises a series of pre-election meetings across all constituencies and details of the venue, date and time of the meetings will be publicised in advance on this website.

Further meetings can be requested by members of the public. You must submit a petition signed by a specified numbers of electors within your constituency to the Captain of the Parish.

The list of Captains of the Parish is available on the Culture Vannin website.

Local media

Extensive coverage of the 2021 House of Keys General Elections and interviews with the candidates will be published and broadcast by media outlets in the Isle of Man, including –

Isle of Man Newspapers

Manx Radio

Three FM

Energy FM

BBC Isle of Man

ITV Isle of Man

Gef the Mongoose

Isle of Man TV

Business 365

Social media

Social media is playing an increasingly important part in election campaigning.

Candidates in your constituency may promote their policies and views or engage in debate via channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

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