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Election campaign spending

Guidance on Election Funding is available from the downloadable documents section of this web page.

The guidance aims to provide practical advice regarding election campaign spending and donations to anyone who wishes to stand as a candidate in the 2021 House of Keys General Election.

Electoral law provides for the regulation and control of election spending by candidates.

Setting a limit on campaign spending is intended to support openness and transparency and to establish a level playing field for all candidates.

The period that candidates and prospective candidates must log their expenses and donations for the 2021 House of Keys General Election commences one year before the scheduled date of the election.

Record of expenses

Candidates are required to keep a record of their expenses and to make two declarations to the Electoral Registration Officer – one no earlier than 10 days before polling day and a subsequent declaration within 35 days after the poll has closed.

The period that candidates must log their expenses commences one year before polling day.

Maximum amount

The maximum amount that can be spent by or on behalf of a candidate on an election campaign is £2,150 plus 54p for each registered elector in the relevant constituency.

As an estimate, the limit may equate to a figure between £4,000 and £5,000. However, the exact limit for each of the 12 constituencies will be based on the publication of the electoral register dated 1 August 2021.

Election expenses include any spending incurred by or on behalf of a candidate to promote the chances of his or her election, or to prejudice the chance of another.

Examples of campaign spending

Election campaign spending may relate to the supply of goods or services and might, for example, include costs associated with:

  • the production of leaflets or calling cards
  • posters or banners
  • car stickers, rosettes or balloons
  • the creation and upkeep of a website
  • adverts or boosted content on social media
  • newspaper advertisements and
  • hiring a van with a loudspeaker
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