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2021 General Election

The House of Keys is the popularly elected Branch of Tynwald, the Island’s parliament.

Every five years the people of the Isle of Man have an opportunity to vote in a General Election to choose who will represent them in the House of Keys.

The next House of Keys General Election takes place on Thursday 23 September 2021.

Each Member of the House of Keys (MHK) represents a constituency. There are 12 constituencies, with two MHKs for each:

  • Arbory, Castletown and Malew
  • Ayre and Michael
  • Douglas Central
  • Douglas East
  • Douglas North
  • Douglas South
  • Garff
  • Glenfaba and Peel
  • Middle
  • Onchan
  • Ramsey
  • Rushen

Why should I vote?

The choices made by Members of the House of Keys directly affect our daily lives.

They make policy, pass laws and regulations, decide how income from taxpayers is spent on public services, and debate issues of national and international importance.

Elections provide an opportunity to make your feelings known on the issues that matter to you.

By voting you can influence the decisions that will shape the Island’s future.

I want to stand as a candidate

The Candidates section of this website provides practical advice to anyone who wishes to put themselves forward for election to the House of Keys.

The guidance covers each of the main steps during the election process, including nominations, the election timetable, the campaign and candidate spending, polling day and the declaration of the result.

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