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Notices and Objections

In certain Land Registry proceedings the Registrar may order the publication of notices relating to pending or completed applications. Examples of such cases may be where an application is made for registration of land acquired by adverse possession, an application where rights are claimed through long usage or in cases where registration is applied for but title deeds in respect of the land cannot be produced. Please note the examples mentioned are not intended in any way to be an exhaustive list, rather they are simply a few examples provided to aid understanding. 

The majority of applications received by the Land Registry do not require any notice to be given or published. However, in certain cases such as in an application for registration of land acquired through adverse possession the Registrar will require the applicant to publish notice in a local newspaper before the application is determined. In other matters, the Registrar may use discretion to determine an application and only publish notice after title has been granted. 

The reason notices are published is to give people with an interest in the land the opportunity to ensure any rights or claims they have over the land are taken into account. An interest in the land must be a legal interest (for example, a right to pass and repass over land for access to other land) and not just simply that you have always wanted to buy the land and therefore consider that you have ‘an interest’. 

If you are in any doubts about whether or not you have a legal interest in land, and indeed how you should go about protecting any you may have (whether the land is registered in the Land Registry or is still unregistered land), you should seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity. 

Notices published in relation to applications for the registration of land or by the Land Registry can be viewed below. 

Pending applications

Details of application and map showing landAddress of landApplication NumberApplicant(s)Date publishedClosing date for  objections
Voluntary Land at Ballajora, Maughold. 201800594 Pamela Mary Kerruish 15 October 2018 12 November 2018
Voluntary First Registration Glen Truan Lodge, Lhen Road, Bride 201703448 David Sellick and Margaret Sellick 5 October 2018 26 October 2018
Voluntary First Registration Parcels of land off (1) Orchard Street and (2) Bridson Street, Port Erin 201703343 Shoprite (Isle of Man) Limited 4 October 2018 25 October 2018
Voluntary Application for Absolute Title Land forming part of Ballakelly Farm, Kiondroghad Road, Andreas 201803460 Alan William Teare 27 September 2018 18 October 2018
Voluntary Application for Absolute Title Ballakelly Farm, Kiondroghad Road, Andreas 201803460 Alan William Teare 27 September 2018 18 October 2018
Voluntary application for possessory title Strip of land at The Retreat,
Ballagyr Lane,
Isle of Man, IM5 2AE
LO2018-8FR Barbara Edith Clucas 12 September 2018 3 October 2018

Objections to pending applications may be made to the Land Registry in writing signed by the objector or his advocate stating concisely the grounds of objection and providing the name and service address of the objector (Rule 119 Land Registry Rules 2000). Copies of all objections will be provided to the applicant and may form part of any hearing arising in connection to the application.  Objectors may be required to give evidence on oath at any subsequent hearing before the Registrar or the Land Commissioner. 

Notices of completed applications published by the Land Registry

Details of award and map showing landAddress of landTitle NumberOwner(s)Date published
Voluntary first registration with appurtenant rights and burdens White Horses
5, Clay Head Road
Isle of Man
61-00764 David Leopold Thomas & Christine Ann Thomas 4 October 2018
Voluntary First Registration Criot Ashlish, Blackberry Lane, Onchan, IM3 1NR 53-05227 Andrew Iain Hand & Pamela Ann Hand 21 September 2018
Voluntary First Registration Summer Rise, Blackberry Lane, Onchan, IM3 1NR 53-05226 Andrew Iain Hand 19 September 2018
Registration of Appurtenances and Burdens affecting common areas of land Unit 16, Block F, Springham Park, Spring Valley Industrial Estate, Braddan 52-01605 Robinsons Limited 18 September 2018
Registration of Appurtenant Right of Way 69 Malew Street Castletown 43-01501 Gordon William Day 18 September 2018
Registration of Appurtenance (a right of Way) over the area delineated and coloured green for the benefit of the land edged red in the attached plan Waterfall Barn, Shore Road, Glen Maye, IM5 3BG 33-00587 Trevor John Newton and Dawne Watson 17 September 2018
Voluntary Registration Phildraw, Phildraw Road, Ballasalla 43-01503 Arthur David Garrett 17 September 2018
Rectification of Boundaries Springbank Claddagh Road Sulby 13-00896 Adrian and Marjorie Hetherington 14 September 2018
Registration of Appurtenant Right Kionehenin, Dhoon Loop Road, Dhoon, Maughold 62-01673 Three Oceans Limited 14 September 2018
Prescriptive Right over the area coloured brown for the benefit of the land edged red on the attached plan 1 - 15 Market Street, Douglas,
53-05277 Market Street Limited 10 September 2018
Rectification of Title Bayqueen Hotel,
The Promenade,
Port St. Mary,
41-00490 Hartford Homes Limited 7 September 2018
Details of award: Voluntary first registration with conclusive boundary 21 Bridge Street,
31-02377 Mr Charles Bower Cordon and Mrs Daphne Esther Maria Corden 6 September 2018

Any person aggrieved by a decision of the Registrar to award title in a particular matter may appeal to the Land Commissioner within 21 days of notice of the decision in accordance with section 6 of the Land Registration Act 1982 and rule 130 of the Land Registry Rules 2000 (as amended). 

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