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Current live applications and other statistics

Page 2 on the above dashboard shows details of all applications being processed in the Land Registry. More specific details about each application, such as what is being applied for, can be viewed by searching against the application number (listed under the heading 'Application UAN') on the Land Registry TitleLocator.

When you then select (click) the land parcel on the TitleLocator, you will have the option to view the documents that were presented and make up the application.

Tip when searching the Dashboard

To select multiple options, hold down the control (CTRL) key on your keypad before clicking from the options available (if using Windows). For Mac users, hold down the command button.

The following guide explains the different types of application shown on the dashboard:

Amalgamation of Titles – combining two or more registered freehold titles into one new title under the same ownership.

Burden – this covers adding or removing a charge (mortgage); adding, removing, or modifying an obligation affecting the land which requires the owner to do something, or to refrain from doing something, for the benefit of another property.

Change to Class of Title – changing one class of title to another (for example: possessory to absolute, good leasehold to absolute leasehold).

First Registration – compulsory registration of property in the Land Registry following the sale of the property, the granting of a lease for over 21 years, or the assignment of a lease where there is more than 21 years left to run.

Other Incumbrance – adding, removing or modifying a caution, inhibition or restriction that affects the owner’s free right to deal with the property.

Rectification – formal correction of a registered title.

Transfer of Part – transfer of part of the land from a registered title.

Transfer of Share – transfer of the part of an owner’s interest in a registered title.

Transfer of Whole – transfer of the whole registered title, usually by sale.

Update Property Owner/Details – updating owner’s name, service address or name or designation of the property; removing a deceased joint tenant.

Voluntary First Registration – registration of the property without an event triggering compulsory first registration.

Market Value - Please Note

Where an application does not equate to a sale (for example, a burden), the market value displayed will be that stated from the last time the land sold. 

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