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Land Registry User Group (LRUG)

In December 2002 the liaison committee between Government and the Isle of Man Law Society established to assist in the implementation of the Land Registration Act 1982 converted itself into a User Group with a mandate to:

'Discuss relevant matters, share views and ideas between the Land Registry and its clients and to ensure communication between all parties.'

The Land Registry User Group has met, at least quarterly, since 2003. In December 2019 the decision was taken by the Land Registrar to publish minutes of the proceedings of the User Group known as LRUG as a transparent record of the engagement between the Land Registry and its users.

Minutes of 18 September 2019

Minutes of 11 December 2019

Minutes of 19 February 2020

Minutes of 22 April 2020

Minutes of 1 July 2020

Minutes of 23 September 2020

Minutes of 14 December 2020

Minutes of 27 July 2021

Minutes of 22 September 2021

Minutes of 19 January 2022

Minutes of 14 September 2022

Minutes of 7 March 2023

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