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Deeds and Probate Registry

COVID-19 Update

The Central Registry is committed to the welfare of our customers and staff at all times

In order to follow the advice and recommendations for social distancing and an increasing need to work from home the Central Registry public counters at the Registries Building, Deemsters Walk are now closed. Registry staff will continue to work in the background to process applications and documentation for each of our services as far as possible.

The following services are affected:

  • Civil Registry
  • Companies Registry
  • Deeds and Probate Registry
  • Land Registry

Documents for all the above Registries can be submitted by post or alternatively delivered to the post box at the entrance to the Registries Building. Please note that Land Registration applications should be made by email prior to paper submission in order to gain priority.

Civil Registry (births, deaths and marriage)

For details on registering a birth or death please visit the Civil Registry home page or telephone +44 1624 687039.

To order certified copies of certificates please visit the Civil Registry web page.

For all other queries regarding births, deaths and marriage please visit the Civil Registry home page.

Companies Registry

Filing for the Companies Registry should be sent via post.  All Companies Registry enquires should be directed to

For further information please visit the Companies Registry web page.

Deeds and Probate

Purchases and requests for deeds can be made online - see for more information.

Land Registry

For further information please visit the Land Registry web page.

The Deeds Registry

The Deeds Registry creates and maintains indices of deeds recorded or enrolled in accordance with the Registration of Deeds Act 1961. Once recorded, original deeds are permanently retained in the Deeds Registry and cannot be returned.

All deeds registered from 1911 to the present day are available to view. For more information on how to view deeds, please see the Deeds and Probate search & purchase page

All deeds recorded prior to 1911 are housed in the Manx Museum.

The Probate Registry

The Probate Registry is responsible for the safekeeping of probate records following the issue of a Grant of Probate from the High Court.

Details of all grants of probate issued since 1940 can be searched online. For more information on how to view probate documents, please see [link to D&P search & purchase page].

Probate records prior to 1911 are housed in the Manx Museum.


The Deeds and Probate Registry is located on the first floor of the Registries Building (opposite the Courts of Justice) on Deemsters Walk, Bucks Road in Douglas.

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 9am - 4.30pm
Friday 9am - 4pm

Deeds and Probate Registries

Registries Building

Deemsters Walk

Bucks Road


Isle of Man


Telephone:+44 1624 685250

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