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Court Services

The Isle of Man Courts of Justice is made up of several area:

  • Staff of Government (Appeal Division)
  • Civil Division
  • Court of General Gaol Delivery
  • Summary Court
  • Magistrates Court
  • Coroner of Inquests
  • Other Courts
    • Commissions Rogatoire - requests for evidence from foreign jurisdictions.
    • Court of Summary Jurisdiction Financial Provision - maintenance for non-marital children. You may wish to refer to the Financial Provision section for more information.
    • Treasure Trove - the High Bailiff hears Treasure Trove inquests.
    • Tribunals - you may wish to refer to the General Registry website for more information on Tribunals.
    • Licensing - All on/off licences. You may wish to refer to the Licensing section for more information.
    • Juvenile Court

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