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Charities play a vital role in the provision of support and relief in our communities here on the Isle of Man and further afield. A charity might be a small group set up to help a particular part of the community or be part of a large or well known charity that manage very large levels of income and budgets. His Majesty's Attorney General (HMAG) is the registrar and regulator of charities registered in the Isle of Man as provided by the Charities Registration and Regulation Act 2019.

As regulator, HMAG is responsible for ensuring that charities are properly run, which means that the charity trustees are carrying out the activities of their charity in accordance with its objects and the provisions of its governing instrument, and also that charities are complying with the legal requirements under Manx charity law.

The information published by the HMAG as the registrar and regulator of charities can be found on the Attorney General’s Chambers page - Charities. This contains the index of all Manx Registered Charities, and information to assist trustees in establishing, and running a Manx registered charity.

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